Family Law

Successfully obtained the return of a minor child who was taken out of state by the child’s mother and concealed from the father. In that same case, we were also able to procure an order preventing the mother from removing the child from the State of Illinois pending the resolution of the custody matter and allocating temporary possession of the child to my client.

Successfully obtained supervised visitation in a custody matter where DCFS had unfounded the report of abuse.

In a divorce involving a short-term marriage, we obtained quick resolution and a very favorable financial settlement that resulted in a payout to our client that was four times the original offer.

Jennifer has the knowledge and experience to successfully isolate and value separate property interests in assets of all kinds including but not limited to: businesses, investment portfolios, real estate, and retirement accounts.

Jennifer has a thorough and expansive understanding of income tax return reporting (including the tax returns of business owners and foreign domiciliaries). Armed with this knowledge, Jennifer is able to identify areas of additional cash flow and unnecessary/unreasonable deductions as well as argue for upward deviations based upon a lower than typical amount of taxes paid.

Jennifer’s representative clients in the area of family law include both mothers and fathers as well as working parents and stay-at-home parents. Other representative clients include: business owners, television personalities, financial advisors, insurance professionals, marketing and sales professionals, firefighters, police officers, lawyers, educators, health care professionals, scientists, artists, doctors, union workers, and service workers.


We were able to bring assets back into the estate of the decedent that had been transferred to a family member at a time when the decedent lacked the requisite mental capacity to do so.  This resulted in each heir receiving a significantly higher inheritance than they otherwise would have received.

In a trust administration matter, it was discovered that the decedent’s home was transferred to a trust but the trust documents were nowhere to be found. We were able to completely clear up the title issue and sell the real estate within a few months’ time, despite never locating the trust agreement.

Jennifer’s representative clients in the area of estate planning include: married couples with and without children, unmarried partners with and without children, same-sex couples, high net worth individuals, business owners, single individuals, single parents, parents who have children with special needs, elderly couples, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and financial advisors.


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