Flying Solo Chicago Provides Sole Practitioners With Tools for Success

Becoming a sole practitioner in the legal industry means you are much more isolated from fellow lawyers than those who work for a large firm surrounded by resources. Flying Solo Chicago was founded in 2009 to provide sole practitioners with support, guidance and insight from a diverse group of colleagues who also happen to be like-minded entrepreneurs.

Flying Solo Chicago members benefit from:

  • Group sourcing of legal and ethical issues
  • Access to new referrals
  • Participation in social outings
  • Sponsoring of networking events
  • Co-counseling opportunities
  • Mentorship
  • Legal service provider presentations
  • Group bargaining power with legal service providers
  • Network growth


What Members Are Saying

“Flying Solo Chicago is vital to my success as a sole practitioner. I routinely turn to its members for advice, resources, strategy, camaraderie and referrals. When I started my own practice, I felt like I needed to figure everything out on my own. This simply is not sustainable. Membership in Flying Solo Chicago will take you to the next level.”

  • Dirk A. Gould, JD, CIAS

“I have been a member of this group for over a year and attend as many meetings as I can. I can honestly say I have not attended a single meeting when I did not come away with valuable insights and information important to my practice that made the meeting worth my time to attend. Sole practitioners are more isolated than some others and this group goes a long way toward alleviating that, it’s a great group.”

  • Kevin P. Hanbury, Attorney at Law

“Flying Solo Chicago has provided a wonderful sounding board for me, when I’ve sought creative solutions or arguments on difficult cases. It’s often helpful just to hear an outside perspective, but one that is going to challenge my case theory in a way that would improve my representation in the long run.”

  • Michael Mazek, Mazek Law Group LLC

Flying Solo Chicago meets from 6pm-7:30pm every second and fourth Tuesday of the month.  If you are interested in joining Flying Solo Chicago, please email Jennifer Guimond-Quigley at [email protected]