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  • Distributing Real Estate After Death

    Real estate ownership can unfortunately become complicated when it comes to transferring the asset at death. It is often incorrectly assumed that real property will automatically be awarded to next of kin, and this misunderstanding of the law can lead to unintended results. Here areRead More

  • Flying Solo Chicago Provides Sole Practitioners With Tools for Success

    Becoming a sole practitioner in the legal industry means you are much more isolated from fellow lawyers than those who work for a large firm surrounded by resources. Flying Solo Chicago was founded in 2009 to provide sole practitioners with support, guidance and insight fromRead More

  • Jennifer Guimond-Quigley Featured on The Street

    Jennifer Guimond-Quigley was featured on business news site The Street on the importance of estate planning for pets. You can read the full article here.Read More

  • Underemployment and Divorce

    When an individual involved in divorce proceedings is not employed in accordance with their skillset, this is referred to as underemployment. This financial disadvantage can have a large impact on how divorce proceedings play out when it comes to maintenance or child support costs. InvoluntaryRead More

  • Jennifer Guimond-Quigley Featured on

    Jennifer Guimond-Quigley spoke with top parenting website Romper on factors that do not affect divorce proceedings. Click here to read the full article.Read More

  • How Unemployment Affects Support in Divorce Proceedings

    In divorce, when an individual is unemployed (either involuntarily or voluntarily), the process of determining maintenance and child support can become complicated. If this becomes an issue in your pending divorce, it’s important to understand what remedies there are to address both underemployment and unemployment.Read More

  • Estate Planning for the LGBT Community

    Same-sex marriage was legalized in the United States in 2015, but there is still confusion around how to define these couples when planning for worst-case scenarios. This lack of clarity makes proper estate and family planning for the LGBT community crucial to ensure loved onesRead More

  • Postnuptial Agreements, the Newest Marriage Trend

    Postnuptial agreements are the newest marriage trend, providing a way for individuals to protect their assets and money even after they have already walked down the aisle. While it may seem strange to ask a spouse to sign this after the wedding, there are manyRead More

  • Jennifer Guimond-Quigley on Millennial Money Podcast

    The Millennial Money Podcast invited Jennifer onto their show to host a discussion on prenups, and the newest marriage trend, postnuptial agreements. Jennifer breaks down the differences between the two marriage documents for podcast listeners. You can listen to the full podcast here.Read More

  • Estate and Financial Planning for Parents

    Jennifer Guimond-Quigley and Steve Dudash of IHT Wealth Management will host an informative panel discussion on May 17 about the nuts and bolts of estate and financial planning for parents. Attendees will walk away with some general knowledge about the issues common to many parents, including:Read More

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