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  • Changing Your Name After a Divorce In Illinois

    There are two different avenues to change your name. The first is through a petition to the court and the second is as a result of a marriage or divorce. There are many considerations to think about prior to changing your name following the finalizationRead More

  • Mediation and Its Role in Family Law

    What is Mediation? Mediation is a confidential process in which a neutral third party assists the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. Mediators do not advise, take sides or render a judgment. The mediator can meet, or caucus, with parties and counsel them individuallyRead More

  • Jennifer Guimond-Quigley talks Safe Boxes and Estate Documents with U.S. News and World Report

    Storing your will or trust in a safe deposit box may not be the best option for your heirs to access them. See what our own Jennifer Guimiond-Quigley recommends for storing these important documents in this article from U.S. News and World Report Click hereRead More

  • How to Pay for College During a Divorce

    With the increasing costs of college, it’s common for parents to take out loans to help pay for schooling. But what happens to this debt if parents split up? And how do divorced parents determine who will pay for continuing education costs? This all dependsRead More

  • Jennifer Guimond-Quigley was Featured on WCIU’s The Jam

    Jennifer Guimond-Quigley discusses creating living wills with The Jam. To learn more Click hereRead More

  • A Guide to Split Parenting Time in the Summer

    The summer can be a challenging time for parents who are divorced or are in the midst of a divorce. When kids are out of school for three months, parents need to plan far in advance to make visitation during this time as easy asRead More

  • How to File Taxes in the Middle of a Divorce

    Tax season is in full swing, and filing can be difficult even when you aren’t going through a divorce. So how do couples file when they’re right in the middle of separating? That depends on a few different things; here are some tips on howRead More

  • Estate Planning for Retirees

    Retirement brings many changes to your estate. For starters, your source of income will no longer be the same as when you were employed, and any shift in finances is always a cue to look back at your estate plan. If you’re soon-to-be retired, it’sRead More

  • Jennifer Guimond-Quigley Discusses Pet Inheritance CBS Money Watch

    CBS Money Watch reached out to Jennifer to discuss Karl Lagerfeld's inheritance to his beloved cat, Choupette. See what Jennifer had to say on how much a pet can actually receive when their owner passes. Read More

  • Bankrate Features Jennifer Guimond-Quigley

    Jennifer spoke to Bankrate about the major life changes that warrant a look at your estate like marriage, becoming a parent and retirement. Click here to read more.Read More

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